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Model 1000
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up to 100ppm

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Portable H2S

Model 1000
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Portable H2S

Model 1000
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Gas Analyzers

Detcon Model 1000 Gas Analyzers

• Continuous measurement with superior uptime
• H2S Ranges from 10 ppm to 5% by Volume
• CO2 Ranges from 3,000 ppm up to 100%
• Readily Field Replaceable Sensors
• Simple Field Calibration
• Single and Dual (H2S/CO2) Configurations
• Simple to operate
• Calibration maintenance only
• Low cost of ownership
• No hazardous waste disposal
• Sample gas upset protection standard
• Standard outputs: 4-20mA, RS-485, and 3 relays

The Detcon Model 1000 Series H2S and CO2 gas analyzers are designed to provide accurate and continuous measurement of target gas concentrations in natural gas treating plants, gas production wells and at custody transfer points along gas transmission pipelines. The application flexibility of this family of analyzer products is based on utilization of proven sensor technologies and the ability to customize according to the application.

In the Model 1000, Detcon’s long history of gas monitoring sensor research and manufacturing is combined with a field tested and proven pedigree in sampling system design and operation. The result is a simple and economical yet powerful analytical tool offering capabilities equivalent to analyzer technologies costing much more. Long sensor life, easy operator interface and embedded intuitive maintenance scripts help to maintain high quality analysis of H2S and CO2 content in natural gas processes.

NEMA 4X Enclosure Options - 316-SS or Painted Steel

Enclosure Options

Model 1000-H2S (electrochemical) up to 5% Range

H2S Gas Analyzer

Model 1000-CO2 (infrared) up to 100% Range

CO2 Gas Analyzer

Model 1000-H2S-CO2
H2S (electrochemical) Up to 10% Range
CO2 (infrared) Up to 100% Range

H2S/CO2 Gas Analyzer

Model P1000 Portable H2S up to 10,000 ppm Range

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