Portable Gas Monitors

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PS200 4-Gas
Personal Monitor

PS200 4-Gas Personal Safety Monitor

• LEL, O2, CO, H2S
• Internal Pump
• Data Logging Standard
• Auto Bump & Cal Station

PS200 4-Gas Person Safety Monitor

The PS200 is a rugged, easy to use portable multi-gas detector ideal for use in confined spaces and hotworks. Both lightweight and durable the instrument monitors and displays up to four hazardous gas conditions simultaneously using catalytic bead sensor technology for a wide range of combustible gases, and electrochemical sensors for carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen deficiency. Operator interface and calibration are intuitive and easy by toggling between simple one-button functions. During hazardous conditions users are alerted via three alarm functions: vibration, red flashing LEDs, and audible buzzer. To ensure the highest level of personal safety, the PS200 is also fitted with an optional man down/motion sensor that activates alarms if the instrument is not moved at a pre-set time. The instrument is also fitted with an optional built in remote sampling pump making it ideal for use in confined spaces. The PS200 features a screen backlight that can be manually switched on in poor lighting conditions. Additional features include: customized user identification code setup, calibration due date display, and standard data logging that can be downloaded to a docking station via USB connection to a computer. Also available is a auto bump and cal station, 5-way charger and PC data logging software.

Electrical Classification
IEC Ex ia d IIC T4 Gb

Safety Approvals

PS500 Portable Multi-Gas Detector

• The 5-gas detection solution
• Over 15 plug-and-play smart sensors
• Wide range of VOC’s & 2 PID sensors
• Flexible configuration to suit your spec
• 95 dB audible & 360-degree light bar
• On-board datalogging for cal certificates, data management, and event logging
• High impact rubberized case
• IP65
• Low cost of ownership

PS500 Portable Multi-Gas Analyzer

“Designed by our customers,” the PS500 can be tailored to detect up to five gases with its toxic and catalytic sensors, photo ionization detectors, and infrared capabilities. “Plug and Play” option allows the customer to “plug in” a new board with a different gas range. The PS500 is particularly useful in noisy environments, featuring a very loud (95dBA) penetrating and distinctive audible alarm together with high visibility large area visual alarm. Pump, diffusion or both together, allowing pumped sample for pre-entry checking and diffusion in confined space working, thus maximizing battery life. A robust, molded, rubberized casing guaranteeing High-Impact resistance, the PS500 can be used in the most demanding industrial environments.


ATEX II 2 G EEx iad IIC T3 / T4
MED (0038/YY) - Module B & E
UL 913 Class I, Div 1 Groups ABCD (excludes use of VOC sensors)
CE 0518


Data Sheet

GT 40 Series
Portable Detector

GT 40 Series Portable Detector

• Measures up to 4 gases
• 7 modes of operation
• Gas leak detection
• Confined space monitoring
• Surveying and purging

GT 40 Series Portable Detector

Designed for the gas industry,the GT Series are multi-application instruments, satisfying all the needs of service technicians within a single unit. With 7 modes of operation, the GT Series is the most versatile instrument available for working with gas.

The GT 40 series offers technicians and workers a single instrument that can be used throughout the gas distribution and transmission pipelines for all measurements needed for leak testing, and confined space entry. Bright LED alarm lights illuminate as gas levels increase, and audible alarms are activated at preset levels should they be programmed. Completely programmable, the GT is an industry standard throughout the Americas and Europe and allows companies to utilize only one instrument for all their monitoring needs. The GT series is available with an optional docking station for full calibration and testing capabilities, and printed cal certificates if needed.


IECEx Ex iad IIB T3
UL 913 Class I, Div 1 Groups C, D


Data Sheet

BM 25 & BM 25W

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Instruction Manuals

BM 25 CSA User Manual

BM 25 ATEX User Manual

BM 25 & BM 25 Wireless Monitor

Transportable Multigas Area Monitor

• Longer lifetime with the XP IR sensor
• Intrinsically safe gas detector
• Powerful audible alarm (103 dB @ 1m)
• Ultra-bright flashing signal (viewable at 360°)
• Run time of up to 170 hours
• More than 4-month datalogging capacity
• Easily transportable - less than 7 kilos
• More than 0.5 mile RF line of site

Oldham Model BM 25 Monitor

The BM 25 packs the benefits of a fixed system area monitor into a rugged, user-friendly and transportable instrument. It was designed to detect one to five gases for mobile or temporary work applications, team protection, area surveillance or places where fixed detection systems are not suitable. Powered by a NiMH battery pack, the BM 25 multi gas monitor offers up to 170 hours of continuous run time. Other standard features include STEL and TWA values, as well as a datalogging capacity of more than four months. Multiple units can be grouped using optional alarm transfer kits. This protects larger areas by transferring alarms from one BM 25 to the next. An intrinsically safe trickle charger is also available for long-term area monitoring in classified zones. The BM 25 is durable and versatile. It is suitable for a wide range of industries including refineries and pharmaceutical production. Applications include turnaround work sites, rig overhauls and fence-line surveillance.

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