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MicroSafe™ Model 500 & 600 Sensors Other Documentation

Instruction Manuals
TP-524C Solid State MOS H2S Manual
TP-524D Solid State MOS H2S Manual
TP-524D-HRT with HART Solid State MOS H2S Manual
TP-624C Solid State MOS H2S Manual
TP-624D Solid State MOS H2S Manual
FP-524C Combustible Gas LEL Manual
FP-524D Combustible Gas LEL Manual
FP-524D Quick Start Guide
FP-524D-HRT with HART Combustible Gas LEL Manual
FP-624C Combustible Gas LEL Manual
FP-624D Combustible Gas LEL Manual
IR-522 Combustible Hydrocarbons Manual
IR-622 Combustible Hydrocarbons Manual
IR-540 CO2 Manual
IR-640 CO2 Manual
DM-500IS Toxic Manual
DM-500IS OLED Toxic Manual
DM-600IS Toxic Manual
DM-534C Oxygen Manual
DM-634 Oxygen Manual

Engineering Specification Sheets (500 Series)
TP-524C Solid State H2S
TP-524D Solid State H2S
FP-524C Combustible LEL
FP-524D Combustible LEL
DM-534-O2 Oxygen
DM-500IS-C2H2 Acetylene
DM-502IS-NH3 Ammonia
DM-500IS-AsH3 Arsine
DM-500IS-Br2 Bromine
DM-500IS-C4H6 Butadiene
DM-500IS-CO Carbon Monoxide
DM-500IS-CL2 Chlorine Sensor Assembly
DM-501IS-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide (0-1ppm)
DM-500IS-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide (0-50ppm)
DM-500IS-B2H6 Diborane
DM-500IS-C2H5OH Ethanol
DM-500IS-C2H5SH Ethyl Mercaptans
DM-500IS-C2H4 Ethylene
DM-500IS-C2H4O Ethylene Oxide
DM-500IS-F2 Fluorine
DM-500IS-CH2O Formaldehyde
DM-500IS-GeH4 Germane
DM-500IS-N2H4 Hydrazine
DM-500IS-H2 Hydrogen (ppm Range)
DM-501IS-H2 Hydrogen (4% Range)
DM-502IS-H2 Hydrogen (1% Range)
DM-500IS-HBr Hydrogen Bromide
DM-500IS-HCL Hydrogen Chloride
DM-500IS-HCN Hydrogen Cyanide
DM-500IS-HF Hydrogen Fluoride
DM-500IS-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide
DM-500IS-CH3OH Methanol
DM-500IS-CH3SH Methyl Mercaptans
DM-500IS-NO Nitric Oxide
DM-500IS-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide
DM-500IS-O3 Ozone
DM-500IS-PH3 Phosphine
DM-500IS-SiH4 Silane
DM-500IS-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide

Engineering Specification Sheets (600 Series)
TP-624C Solid State H2S
TP-624D Solid State H2S
FP-624C Combustible LEL
FP-624D Combustible LEL
DM-634-O2 Oxygen
DM-600IS-C2H2 Acetylene
DM-602IS-NH3 Ammonia
DM-600IS-AsH3 Arsine
DM-600IS-Br2 Bromine
DM-600IS-C4H6 Butadiene
DM-600IS-CO Carbon Monoxide
DM-600IS-CL2 Chlorine Sensor Assembly
DM-601IS-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide (0-1ppm)
DM-600IS-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide (0-50ppm)
DM-600IS-B2H6 Diborane
DM-600IS-C2H5OH Ethanol
DM-600IS-C2H5SH Ethyl Mercaptans
DM-600IS-C2H4 Ethylene
DM-600IS-C2H4O Ethylene Oxide
DM-600IS-F2 Fluorine
DM-600IS-CH2O Formaldehyde
DM-600IS-GeH4 Germane
DM-600IS-N2H4 Hydrazine
DM-600IS-H2 Hydrogen (ppm Range)
DM-601IS-H2 Hydrogen (4% Range)
DM-602IS-H2 Hydrogen (1% Range)
DM-600IS-HBr Hydrogen Bromide
DM-600IS-HCL Hydrogen Chloride
DM-600IS-HCN Hydrogen Cyanide
DM-600IS-HF Hydrogen Fluoride
DM-600IS-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide
DM-600IS-CH3OH Methanol
DM-600IS-CH3SH Methyl Mercaptans
DM-600IS-NO Nitric Oxide
DM-600IS-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide
DM-600IS-O3 Ozone
DM-600IS-PH3 Phosphine
DM-600IS-SiH4 Silane
DM-600IS-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide

Approvals and Certifications
ABS TP-624C & TP-524D
ABS FP-624C, FP-624D, FP-524C, & FP-524D
ABS DM-600IS, DM-634, DM-500IS, DM-534
ABS IR-640, IR-622, IR-540, IR-522

CSA Certification TP-524C
CSA Certification TP-624C
CSA Certification FP-524C & FP-524D
CSA Certification IR-522 & IR-622
CSA Certification IR-540 & IR-640
CSA Certification DM-500IS & DM-600IS
CSA Certification DM-534C & DM-634

FM Certificate of Compliance TP-524D, TP-524DK, & TP-524DS

SIRA ATEX Certification TP-524D & TP-624D

China Measurement Approvals TP-524C & TP-624C
China Measurement Approvals DM-Toxic & O2

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